Looking good does not require that you spend hours with your makeup kit. when you have limited time for makeup, you can use these quick and easy techniques to achieve beautiful makeup in just 5 minutes.

Pep up your skin with a face primer, It aid in smooth makeup application and prolong it’s staying power so your flawless face makeup will last longer than it would.
If the black circles under your eyes are prominent apply your concealer on the dark circles and set with a dab of translucent5 or pressed powder.
The eyebrow is an important asset to a beautiful makeup, but to save time, brush out with a mascara wand, fill in the brows using a brow filler or shade the sparse area with an eyebrow pencil.

You don’t want to go through the stress of applying eye primer and dabbing shadows on the lids, it’s so time-consuming, what you need to do is to go for a pencil shadow. Pencil shadow is a good choice if you want to quickly define your eyes while giving the lids a hint of color too and for those who are eyeliners addict, start with the inner corner of the eyes, keep to the lash line and slightly thicken the lines as you reach the uttermost corner of the eyes. Kohl pencils or eye pencils are also optional for minimalistic eye makeup. Simply run the pencil over your waterline to get subtly defined eyes or you can use eyeshadow with a light shimmer giving your eyes a fresh, dewy look, eliminating signs of tiredness.

Step-5: Lip Gloss

To complete your makeup, you need a swipe of lip gloss. Light punchy shades keep you looking fresh and full of life. If you use a lip balm, then pick one with tint so that it can double up as your lip color. If you want to add a lipstick, pick soft shades like nude beige, or rosy tints. Avoid cherry reds or bright pinks for the quick makeup session.

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